Lights On Lights Off

I'm a 33 year old designer and frontend developer from Wellington. I've successfully designed and built over 100 websites, applications, and visual identities for clients big and small.

I contract out my frontend expertise at, run a little design studio at Bandit Design, and share my digital art at EPIC.

Some people know me through the projects I founded and helped grow; MinuteDock, Love To Ride, and 200 Square.


Key Skills and Proficiencies

My history

I've been designing and building websites, applications, and visual identities since November 2003.

I'm self taught, with my years of skill and experience driven from a deep passion for solving problems, crossed with a love of all things technology. This passion led me to expand my skill-set from simply beautiful design, to the more technical side of things — leaving me in a rare position among the web industry; skilled in both design and development.

This alone makes me a valuable asset to any team, as I ensure that my design decisions are based around the potential technical implementation, and vice versa. I've also founded and run several tech startups, providing me with a deep understanding of business. My work is on-budget and profitable.

My diverse skillset ranges from planning and wireframing, to usability and user experience, to implementation of both web and mobile, to marketing and growth. More recently I've developed my service design expertise in a formal environment, adding yet more tools to my skillset. My day-to-day toolbox includes the Adobe suite, JS, Meteor and Node, Git, PHP, MySQL and Mongo.

I've helped to create and successfully plan, wireframe, design, project manage, build, and market several web applications. These include MinuteDock, 200 Square, Love To Ride, and several others.

I've worked closely with more than 50 different clients from all walks of life — ranging from Government departments like DIA, IRD, NZ Police, and DoH; television shows like The Wheel of Fortune; big charities like Ronald McDonald House; and public companies like Trade Me, Google and Microsoft.

I'm based in Wellington, but I've worked successfully with teams in Auckland, Sydney, London and San Francisco.